What’s in a name?

Well, it’s a while since I’ve dropped in here, but the Hogan house has been very busy. September is always a bit busier, what with back to school and settling in for a little writing time in the darker months ahead. (Yep, new book on the table!)

I’ve been asked a lot on social media recently – what’s happened to SILENT NIGHT ?

You may have noticed, it’s disappeared, only to be replaced by the same book, same cover, but with a different title. SILENT NIGHT has had a make-over! My publishers (who know a thing or two about these things) have decided to change the title to HER SISTER’S BONES.

I’m thrilled with it, but of course, this is not about me, really, this is about the book. It’s a decision based on marketing, sales and editorial information. It’s about placing the book in the hands of readers who are going to get what they are expecting to buy. And that’s really important – no-one wants to end up with a different read to the one they’ve been looking forward to.

Now, to me, I look at a book, and automatically slot it into crime, women’s fiction, saga or noir. But actually, there are very many subgenres within each of these categories and if the truth were told, probably another twenty categories alongside them.

So, far, it appears whichever title the book is carrying, readers seem to be enjoying it. That’s borne out by the review rating on Goodreads mostly, more importantly for me; it’s obvious from the feedback I’m getting from readers.

And really, no matter what it’s called, that’s what writing is all about – giving people an opportunity to escape their daily lives for a few minutes into a world you created.

Still, I do like HER SISTERS BONES – it’s much creepier than I’d have been brave enough to call it! If you’ve picked it up – do let me know which you think suits it best… or maybe there’s something even better out there!

Till next time,

Ger H.


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