Bloody Scotland 2019

I’m delighted to reveal that this year, I’ve been chosen to appear at Bloody Scotland Crime Festival. To be honest, when the email arrived, I didn’t believe it at first, after all, as a crime writer, I really am just starting out. When the invitation arrived, Silent Night was still on pre-order.

It took me a little while to figure out exactly what it meant, but then the following day, with confirmation from Kim, the publicity manager at Bookouture that yes, this was the real deal – I went into a total (uncool for a crime writer) happy dance!

Even better news from Kim, was that one of the other publicity ladies, Noelle Holten, who is published by Killer Reads was going too!

The author spotlight is a slot supporting bigger names at the festival and dear me, but they do get the big names! I’m delighted to say that this year’s line up includes Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland’s First Minister) Ian Rankin, David Baldacci, Alexander Mc Call Smith and Dr David Wilson.

So, the flights are booked, the bed is organised and now all I have to do is select an excerpt from Silent Night and say a few words without gushing too much – can I manage that – I’m going to have bloody good go at it!

Here’s a snapshot of the festival from last year: LINK

And here’s the official press release: LINK


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